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SW06 SW06
The SW06 cruise was WHOI's largest experiment ever, involving six research ships and over fifty scientists. The goal of the project was to create a detailed model of how waves internal to the ocean travel through coastal water. But some unexpected sounds were recorded as well, like sei whale, fin whale, and an unexpected explosion.

ASIAEx 2001 ASIAEx 2001
The ASIAEx 2001 cruise was part of an international collaboration to study acoustic bottom reverberation and cross- shelf propagation as well as geology and physical oceanography.

New England Shelfbreak Front PRIMER Experiment New England Shelfbreak Front PRIMER Experiment
The Primer '97 experiment was conducted to study the acoustic scattering and oceanography of shelfbreak fronts in the Winter and to compare these results with the Primer '96 experiment we conducted the previous summer in the same place.

Woods Hole, MA photos Our lab in Woods Hole
Where we work. Not a bad place to be...

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Sounds from the SW06 Experiment SW06: Sounds from Off the Coast of New Jersey
The research teams involved in the SW06 experiment explored an area about 100 miles from the coast of New Jersey in an effort to create a detailed model of how waves travel through the ocean.

Sounds from ASIAEx 2001 ASIAEx 2001: Sounds from the South China Sea
The ASIAEx 2001 cruise was part of an international collaboration to study acoustic bottom reverberation and cross- shelf propagation as well as geology and physical oceanography.

Sounds from Tagged Whales
Whales were tagged in the Gulf of Mexico with dtags, thus allowing scientists to record sounds from both the whales and their environment and use this data to study the impact of noise on the whales and their corresponding behavior patterns.

Sounds from a REMUS Sounds from a Remus Towed Hydrophone Array
Sounds collected during a test at the Dodge Pond Acoustic Measurement Facility.

Sounds from Woods Hole, MA.
A collection of sounds heard in and around Woods Hole.

Sounds from Other Groups
Whale Sounds from WHOI's Biology Department
Discovery of Sound in the Sea from the University of Rhode Island

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Warning: These video files may be large, and slow to download.... Some are linked to YouTube

A vehicle's search for fish schools movie that our remus 100 named "snoopy" recorded during our Fish Uncertainty Project in 2012. Also watch a (youtube) video The Atlantic Shelfbreak: Using robotic vehicles to observe ocean life made from the pilot cruise in 2011.

See how a deep mooring is positioned into place. From SW06 experiment on the R/V Knorr.

How we recover a subsurface mooring. Listen for the mooring interrogation and reply. A 'song' is played to the anchor release, it it is the correct 'song', it releases the mooring. From the Cape Cod Bay right whale project.

How to recover a deep mooring when things go wrong using a ROV (remote operated vehicle). From the SW06 experiment off the coast of New Jersey. The power supply for this mooring suffered an accidental explosion that was heard 8,000 kilometers (~5000 miles) away near South Africa. A paper ensued (.pdf). The fish seen in the video are red hake.
(No sound, video only)

How to tag whales (clips from Alessandro Bocconcelli and Mark Johnson. Video Only, No Sound). From Arthur Newhall's TEDx gig and video interview.

Bunk to Lab tour on the R/V Knorr. Working on a problem in the lab that was eventually solved, which is not always an easy thing to do at sea.

Sailing into Woods Hole and going by the Woods Hole channel marker gong and red bell buoy.
(courtesy of Sandy Williams)

Videos we like from Other Groups
Cruise, Cruise, Baby. Video made by University of New Hampshire students on a scientific cruise.

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The Charismatic Microfauna Blog. Here you can learn about oceanography, ocean chemistry and ocean acoustics, and follow our exploits in ocean-going research.

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