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From Oceanus Magazine
Transmitting Sound Energy
Animation demonstrates how the SOFAR channel works to efficiently transmit sound energy from earthquakes and whales (with actual sounds of earthquakes recorded by hydrophones)
Source: Oceanus Magazine

April 26, 2017
Illuminating the Ocean with Sound
WHOI's new research vessel Neil Armstrong is equipped with an EK80 broadband acoustic echo sounder. It uses a wide range of sound frequencies to give scientists the ability to distinguish among different types of marine life.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

February 8, 2011
The Music of Sound
And now for something completely different: Arthur Newhall, an underwater acoustics researcher and a musician, has found an interesting way to combine his two areas of expertise.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

October 8, 2010
Acidity and Sound
OASL scientists respond to claims that acidification of the oceans will cause increased sound propagation and more sound pollution.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

August 2, 2007
A 3-D Underwater Soundscape
A venerable squadron of vessels and vehicles, as well as tons of equipment and dozens of people, are called in for the largest oceanographic field experiment in the 76-year history of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

March 29, 2006
Sonar and Marine Mammals
Legal struggles hinder the ability of scientists to conduct their research.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

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WHOI News Releases
April 1, 2010
Now in Broadband: Acoustic Imaging of the Ocean
Researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have developed two advanced broadband sound systems that they believe could represent the acoustic equivalent of the leap from black-and-white television to HD TV. For oceanographers, this could mean a major upgrade in their ability to count and classify fish and to pinpoint tiny zooplankton amid seas of turbulence.
Source: Media Relations

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CSIRO Seawater toolbox for Matlab
A Matlab toolkit developed by CSIRO for calculating the properties of sea water.
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An advanced mapping package for Matlab by Rich Pawlowicz.
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A variety of Matlab tools for Oceanographic analysis collected by the U. S. Geological Survey.
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