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History of Acoustics at WHOI


The 'Oceanographic' in 1940


The R/V Atlantis

First US publication (1941) for describing Sound Transmission in the Sea (pdf).
Navy contract #2 at WHOI.

Joe Worzel autobiography (pdf), Highly recommended

History and list of WHOI Navy projects 1941-1950 (pdf) - Projects, Personnel, Inventions, and Bibliography of Unpublished Reports by WHOI Director Columbus Iselin (in above picture).

The Bathythermograph

A Bathythermograph by Athelstan Spilhaus (1938)
The Mechanical Bathythermograph - An Historical Review (Couper, LaFond 1953).

Manual for the refractive slide rule (pdf) for calculating sound ray paths in the water (1943).

Harold Edgerton and Joe Worzel video of an explosion bubble pulse (1947) at the MIT video archive. Please refer to Joe Worzel's autobiography (pp 55-56) for more information about this.

POMA paper Underwater acoustics research at the Woods Hole Oceanographics Institution (also highly recommended) and accompanying History of Acoustics at WHOI presentation (pdf) given by WHOI acoustician James F. Lynch (with Arthur Newhall and Bob Frosch) for the Acoustical Society of America (May, 2015) special section on the history of acoustics in the U.S.

Henry Bigelow (Biography by Alfred Redfield)
Columbus Iselin (Biography by Henry Stommel)
W. Maurice "Doc" Ewing (Memoriam)
J. Lamar Worzel (Autobiography and Memoriam)
Allyn Vine (Memoriam)
J. Brackett Hersey
Arnold Arons (Memoriam)
Betty Bunce (Memoriam)
Mary Sears (Memoriam)

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