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The very successful SW06 experiment has finished: 62 moorings deployed and ALL 62 moorings recovered...
with a little help from a Virginia Beach fisherman ( tale of the missing SHRU).

SW06 Photo Gallery.
SW06 Photo Gallery - Ships.

Diagrams and sensor lists for (recovered) mooring configurations.

The SW06 experiment used the WHOI ExView application for communication and logistics,
but it also archived all operations, weather, daily reports, codar, gliders, satellite images, and more...

For a fast-forward recap, check out the ExView .mpg video (~8MB) or .mov video (~23MB).

WHOI Acoustic data is available upon request to SW06 PIs who supply a formatted external USB disk.

    Please note that the entire acoustics data set size is ~5 terabytes.
    Also, please note that this data cannot be redistributed without permission.
    Quick look at the ShruView (beta prototype). This application is intended to help navigate through and inspect
    over 25,000 spectrograms 2 minutes at a time for the entire experiment, as well as listen to that acoustics data
    and be able to correlate with temperature, wind speed,... and other acoustic receivers.
    ARL/UTexas VLA/HLA hydrophone array data is available from David Knobles.

Some PO data too...

SW06 Ship data

To get to information at the time the SW06 experiment was happening (daily reports, etc) you can visit here.

Official press release statement in html or pdf released prior to SW06 ( to be used only with permission from sponsor).

Information from WHOI prior to the SW06 experiment:

Do you need something that isn't listed here? Contact Arthur Newhall.

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